Birdhouse Publishing (aka Éditions le nid) strives to create and foster safe, accepting and reliable relationships and spaces so as to facilitate creation by our artists. Providing support, equipment and facilities, Birdhouse encourages the creation of a wide variety of music and art that represents the diverse group of artists in our community. These pieces are added to the Birdhouse catalogue with the goal of placing them in film, television and various media. 

Home is where art is.

Our Team

Pierre-Philippe Côté

Pierre-Philippe (also known as Pilou) is an Entrepreneur, film score composer, writer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and director. His varied talents and musical prowress attracts artists of international caliber to his studio that is quietly tucked away in the forest. With a bachelor’s degree in double bass from the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal and after touring internationally with an impressive roster of artists, he chose to return to his beloved region of Estrie to build his recording studio as a base for many projects. Surrounded by a team of technicians, musicians and collaborators from across Quebec; Birdhouse Publishing and Studio Le Nid offer professional quality services that reach the highest industry standards. Over the past seven years, his extensive experience has enabled him to develop an expertise in hosting creative residencies. The demand for this kind of immersive creation has grown in recent years thanks to technology that allows workspaces to be decentralized, as well as the need to have places where you can disconnect in order to create.

Ryan Strauss

Born and raised in Montréal, and newly established as a full-time resident of the Eastern Townships, Ryan Strauss is the Liaison Manager for any project that comes through Birdhouse Publishing, Label Etiquette or Studio le Nid. Having worked in recreation, business development and franchise management, he has a perfectly eclectic professional past, making him an excellent addition to the Birdhouse team. Specialising in logistics and A&R, he is involved in the strategic development of artists, content creation, facilitating communications between artists and their collaborators and managing Birdhouse’s home-base: Studio le Nid. 

Ryan enjoys metal music, movie scores (especially the works of Hans Zimmer and Trent Reznor), building projects of all kinds and his beautiful new home in the mountains.